Temetiv (CZ) – No​č​ný Pochod Krajinou – MC


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Temetiv (CZ) – No​č​ný Pochod Krajinou

Beyond Eyes 2023

Pro-tape edition limited to 50 copies

Another project from Vladimír Pavelka the main brain and composer of Cult Of Fire, Death Karma, The House. This time, he brings us more than 20 years back and takes us on his walks through the night landscape around Svidník, where he spent many nights listening to music on his walkman (to bands like Lustmord, Aghast, Mortiis, Dead Can Dance, MZ. 412, etc.).
The songs have long and dreamy compositions that capture the atmosphere of night walks in the surrounding forests and cemeteries. It is an ideal music for today’s long winter evenings


Acoustic Dark Ambient/Black Metal from Czech Republic

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