Sijjin (GER) – Sumerian Promises – MC

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Darkness Shall Rise Productions 2022
DSR 158

Sijjin (GER) – Sumerian Promises

Daggers have been brandished and torches have been lit.
After the `Angel Of The Eastern Gate´ demo,
SIJJIN now descend upon the scene with their first full lenght album arcanely entitled `Sumerian Promises´.
The basque/german collaboration has proved extraordinary musicianship while recording all songs live as well as using full takes only. No cuts, no edits, no bullshit! No rest for the wicked indeed!

With `Sumerian Promises´, SIJJIN rise the flag of untamable, pitch-black and archaic Death Thrash Metal, rising from the shadows to embrace the unsuspectingly victim with sheer brutality.

Harken and behold!
Sumerian Promises shall unfold.

Available for the first time as limited music cassette



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