Ripping Tongues – book (ENGLISH)

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Ripping Tongues – book

Heavy Music Artwork 2021

Metal for free speech, Free Thought, and Free Expression

1000 bands and artists from around the world share their thoughts, opinions, and critique on one the most controversial topic of our time. Now more than ever, we need to have an open discussion on humanity’s fundamental rights of expression, thought and speech. For the last three years, in every interview, we asked some fundamental questions surrounding this topic. If we couldn’t express our creativity freely, metal, as well as any thought-provoking art, would not be possible.

A total of 905 bands from 79 countries including Opeth, Kataklysm, TYR, Amorphis, Children of Bodom, Ensiferum, Finntroll, Omnium Gatherum, Sonata Arctica, Grave Digger, Powerwolf, Sodom, Moonspell, Enslaved, Gaahls Wyrd, etc.

Plus 95 artists from 27 countries including Mitchell Nolte, Seldon Hunt, Mothmeister, Gustavo Sazes, Neal Auch, Maxime Taccardi, Vincent Fouquet, Thomas Ewerhard, Timbul Cahyono, Aditia Wardhana, Costin Chioreanu, Ester Segarra, Daemorph, Caelan Stokkermans, and more.

380 pages
203,898 words
5842 paragraphs
3 years in the making
Thousands of hours
All exclusive content


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