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Darkness Shall Rise Productions 2023
DSR 178

Nocternity (GR) – A Fallen Unicorn

Formed in 1997, NOCTERNITY definitely belong to the spearhead of the second wave of the Greek black metal scene.
With three full length albums and many EPs as well as split-releases, this unique hellenic black metal alliance proudly holds the banner of ancient times and forgotten battles high.

Finally, Darkness Shall Rise Productions will release all three full length albums, the infamous EPs Crucify Him & A Fallen Unicorn and also the compilation EPs 1998-2010 on limited (300 only) music cassette.

Steel! Fire! Hammer!
Come back! Revenge…!

Side A:
1. Klagelied des Windes
2. A Fallen Unicorn
3. The Emerald Serpent Prince

Side B:
1. To Grey Olden Shores
2. Pagan Poetry (Björk cover)
3. Rehearsal MMIV

This release contains the unreleased tracks from the “Onyx” album session. This version contains an unreleased rehearsal recording from 2003


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