Le Morte (US) – Midnight In The Garden Of Tragedy – CD


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Darkness Shall Rise Productions 2023

Le Morte (US) – Midnight In The Garden Of Tragedy

LE MORTE is a band with two members from Richmond, Virginia in the United States. They have been writing music together since 2008, and started writing the demo outside in the winter of 2020.
It was a cold and grim beginning to a darkness that has followed…
Previous projects include RIGOROUS INSTITUTION(Scully) and OCCULTIST (Nathaniel).
Le Morte combines heavy Doom Metal with the pounding intensity of Industrial.

Jewel-case CD, 8-page booklet.

1. A Cold And Failing Light
2. Conversation With Death
3. The Tower
4. Sanguine Repose
5. Gothic Architecture
6. Monastic Portal
7. Ritual
8. Labyrinthine
9. Last Dream Of A Dying God

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