Die Satanische Bibel / Die Satanischen Rituale – Hardback-book (GERMAN)


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Basic work of America’s Church Of Satan

In “Die Satanische Bibel”, Anton Szandor LaVey summarizes his insights and convictions regarding Satanism, which he gained during his extraordinary life as organist, lion tamer, criminologist, actor, magician and by his extensive studies of the Black Arts.

Apart from the Nine Satanic Statements and Anton Szandor LaVey’s philosophical thoughts on subjects such as love, hate, sex, and death, the book contains many practical suggestions for everyday life, for example when dealing with psychic vampires or the law of the jungle.

The second part of this double volume contains the book “Die Satanischen Rituale” by Anton Szandor LaVey, containing many examples of rituals from various cultures. These are reproduced in their original language and complemented with elucidations on their genesis, historical background, and objective.

This double volume contains numerous photos of LaVey, vividly showcasing his multifaceted personality.







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