Gore House Productions – Intestinal Purge – Sampler 2022 – MC


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Gore House Productions – Intestinal Purge – Sampler 2022

Gore House Productions 2022

Limited tape edition


1. Insect Inside – Tormentive Illusions (From the Album ‘Into Impending Apotheosis’)
2. Necrambulant – Sacramental Murderous Phantasm (From the Album ‘A Feast of Festering Flesh’)
3. Intestinal Laceration – Embryonic Mutation of Baalcetrorus (From the Album ‘Chaotic Eschatological Madness’)
4. Paroxysmal Buthcering – Chemically Castrated (From the Album ‘Supreme Revulsion’)
5. Devoured Elysium – Green Screen Failure (From the Album ‘Void Grave’)
6. Blasted Pancreas – Hemangiosarcoma (From the Album ‘Carcinoma)
7. Party Cannon – 1000% (From the Album ‘Volumes of Vomit’)
8. Sepsism – Necrotic Flesh Rot (From the Album ‘Purulent Decomposition’)
9. Schoolgirl Upon Thy Corpse – New Demiurge Rising (From the Album ‘Schoolgril’ on Toxic Loli Records)
10. Kraanium – Worthless And Vast (From the Album ‘No Respect for the Dead’)


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