Dawn Of The Metal Gods – My life in Judas Priest & Heavy Metal (Al Atkins, Neil Daniels) – Book (ENGLISH)


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Al Atkins is the ex-lead singer and founder of the multi-million selling British metal band Judas Priest. During the sixties when the highly lauded Brum Beat era produced bands such as The Move and The Band Of Joy, Atkins played in various local outfits. But it was in 1969 when Atkins formed Judas Priest. Atkins is the co-writer of several Priest songs which are included on the band’s first two albums »Rocka Rolla« and »Sad Wings Of Destiny« both of which eventually went Gold. Atkins co-penned the heavy metal classic “Victim Of Changes” which was a combination of Rob Halford’s song “Red Light Lady” and Atkins’ own “Whiskey Woman”. He also co-wrote “Winter”, “Never Satisfied”, “Dreamer Deceiver” and “Caviar And Meths”. Since 1989, he has released five critically acclaimed solo albums. His current project is The Holy Rage. »Dawn Of The Metal Gods« celebrates his entertaining life story.

Pages: 224 with a lot of pictures
Language: english

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