Canadian Assault – The 9 Cannons Of Our Battle – Book (ENGLISH)


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Canadian Assault – The 9 Cannons Of Our Battle – Book

Fryktos Burnings proudly presents the 5th burn!
The ultimate old school kult Canadian fanzine with all their 9 issues in another huge tome. The fanzine that was active during 1998 – 2005 and published 9 issues in total. A unique publication with wider content, filled among the interviews with tons demo/album/fanzine reviews, horror movies presentations, killer quotes from whole metal scene and even porn actress interviews! A couple issues was out as split zines with another legend activities like Eternal Darkness and Leather ‘n Spikes!

A fanzine with a strong character that had to be reprinted!

“….CA had the slogan “Turning Closemindedness Into An Artform!”. That should give you insight into the intensity I operated with and the lens I viewed the scene through….” Dale (C.A. editor)

Tenebrae, Stratovarius, Scepter, Eternal Darkness, Possession, Infernal Majesty, Arch Enemy, Rotting, Fleshgrind, Sacramentary Abolishment, Gorguts, Intestine / Sick Music, Quo Vadis, Horna, Pentacle, Twisted Tower Dire, Headache Described, Possessed, Lust, Ouroboros, Incantation, Absu, Primal Fear, Drogheda, Metal Mafia fanzine, Unholy Cadaver, Disciples Of Power, Ossuary, Pegazus, October 31, Christy Canyon, Darkthrone, Athotorgh, United Guttural / Fleshgrind, Skinless, Shane’s World, Kaamos, Pagan Records, Immolation, Rites Of Thy Degringolade, Damantion Records, Denial of God, Kim Chambers, Rabaelliun, Dekapitator, Tales of the Macabre, Necrodeath, Chloe & Ruby, Disgorge, Destruktor, Desecration, Nick Scratch, Svartsyn, Hellwitch, Urgrund, Anata, Slaughter, Ancient Rites, Invasion, Blood Storm, Thornspawn, Darkness Eternal, Gospel of the Horns, Bestial Mockery, Leather N’ Spikes, Deeds of Flesh, Grand Belials’s Key / Crucifier, Witchburner / Iron Bonehead rec., Painiak records, Nunslaughter, Blasphemy, Drakkar Productions, Cobalt, Pentagram, Abigail / Barbatos / Cutthroat, Hellfire Prod / Goatfire / Morbid Upheaval, Toxic Holocaust, Funeral Mist, Octagon, Terrorama / I Hate records, Horna, Nocturnal, Mortuary Drape

Book details:
– all 9 C.A. issues
– 474 pages
– 90+ interviews
– cover by Desmond Sia (Acheron, Impiety, Abazagorath)
– gloss laminate cover finish
– special heavy colored paper on each issue cover
– restored from original copies
– redone from scratch unreadable pages
– limited print run

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