Bestial Desecration #3 (ENGLISH)


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This issue contains extensive in-depth interviews on 96 pages with:

-Goat Semen
-Hellish Crossfire
-Vomit of Doom
-Hell Desecrator
-Inferno Requiem
-Raped God 666
-Dark Mystery
-Infernal Execrator
-A special interview with “Wang” of the legendary “666 Rock Shop/Area Death Prod.” in China!
-Four new “Blast from the Past”-Articles about some killer Bands from the East-Bloc
-A few selected Record/Fanzine-Reviews
-2 Posters (Sadistic Intent/Vomitor)

Also this issue contains a special Bonus-Zine (12 pages) with the last and exclusive interview with “Ramón Reinaldo Restrepo” about his former legendary colombian Ultra Metal Band “PARABELLUM”

The Zines and Posters are all pro-printed and completely written in english!!! Limited to 300 copies, only!
Keep the old spirit alive and never obey to modern shit! Only printed is real!

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