Darkness Shall Rise Productions

German underground label since 2015.
Your dealer for eerie and sombre audio-cult!

Founded in 2015, Darkness Shall Rise Productions first specialized solely in music cassettes since the beginning in order to proudly raise the banner of this medium as well as defy the headwind of today‘s digital age of downloads, streams etc.

Whether Black-, Death-, Doom-, Thrash- and Heavy Metal or other forms of sinister music, DSR Productions has and will continue to release classics of this genre full of passion and dedication to this medium and preserve our cult on the music cassette.

However, in 2023, after eight years as an “only-tape label“, DSR decided that it is time to spread the wings and explore new areas and territories. This means, from now on there will be also releases of vinyl LPs and CDs, as stand alone releases or again as limited box-sets editions.

The big focus will be to continue on the massive collector‘s box-sets (MC/CD/LP) as they have already been released under the brand of DSR from bands like Celtic Frost, Dissection, Mayhem, Emperor, Katatonia, King Diamond, Hellhammer, Deicide, Venom, Ulver and many more. All DSR box-sets are strictly limited and handnumbered and will never be re-released again.

 Also we decided to support some unique and special new bands. Some of them will already be released in the coming months in 2023. So feel free to send us your promo material and a short band-bio if you think DSR is the right label for your band and your upcoming album or demo.