Darkness Shall Rise Productions

German underground label since 2015.
Your dealer for eerie and sombre audio-cult!

Founded out of a long-lasting passion for underground Metal and analogue formats in 2015, Darkness Shall Rise Productions’ focus was initially set on re-releasing classics on cassette-tape. Right from the start, DSR Productions haven’t restricted themselves to one particular genre but would go on to produce high-quality reissues of numerous bands playing Black-, Death-, Doom-, Thrash- and Heavy Metal or other forms of sinister music.

Soon the label would gain wide-spread notoriety for their luxurious, hand-numbered tape box-sets of including among many others CELTIC FROST, DISSECTION, MAYHEM, EMPEROR, KATATONIA, KING DIAMOND, HELLHAMMER, DEICIDE, VENOM and ULVER. In addition to the tapes, each box-set is filled to the brim with bonuses like extensive books, patches, posters, flags or metal badges. Passionately created with great attention to detail each box-set is turned into a unique collectible gem never to be repressed.

In 2023, with 8 years as a tape-only label under its belt, the time was ripe for DSR to spread out and cover new ground. The pallet of manufactured formats has been enlarged by introducing the production of vinyl LPs and CDs. Thus, cassette-tapes are still being produced but now demos and albums are also published on LP and CD, either as stand-alone releases or as limited box-set editions.

DSR has decided to support some unique and special new bands too. If you think DSR is the right label for your band and your upcoming album or demo, feel free to send us your promo material including a short band-bio.

Throughout the years, the stock of DSR’s distribution has massively increased too. Thousands of records on various formats and a great selection of merchandise are available. The homepage is constantly updated with new stuff.