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DSR 162 DESTRUCTION – Trapped in Lunatic Possession – 9-tape box !!! OUT NOW !!! (regular version)

Last night we got an email from the company that manufactures the Destruction belt buckles for the die-hard version of this box. In this e-mail we were informed that the belt buckles will not be delivered today (17.1.) as promised, but that it will take a week longer due to company internal, material and technical problems.
We are very upset with this news and are truly aware that you guys might be as well, but it’s not our fault at all. We were supposed to ship all pre-orders today (all other parts of the box are in stock).

We didn’t want to disadvantage the buyers of the die-hard version and we wanted to send the regular-version out sooner. But this is what we will do now.
This means, all regular boxes have been sent today and will be send tomorrow. We will send the die-hard version to German buyers today without the belt buckle and will then deliver it at our own expense as soon as it has been delivered. Unfortunately, for financial reasons, we cannot do this for customers outside of Germany. We hope you understand.

We are very sorry for this renewed delay and we ask for your apologies and your understanding! We were also promised something else.

Btw, the die-hard version is sold out now!