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DSR 061 !!!OUT NOW!!!

DSR 061 MAYHEM – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas – 3-tape box


As the metal pins for this box only arrived last week (after a four week of an odyssey trip), we have not managed to equip and pack all 1000 boxes in advance. We are working every free minute on sending all boxes to you as soon as possible! Some boxes are already on the way, the others will follow in the coming days. I assume that in 7-10 days all boxes will be sent. PLEASE do not write me and ask where your precise box / order stays. I can answer emails all day or just try to pack and send all the boxes as fast as possible …

Furthermore, I am pleased to say that due to unpaid bills and various cancellations, there are still a few of the boxes in my shop. Don’t hesitate, there are not many left! Please keep in mind though, that the processing of especially the last orders will take a few days and certainly can not be sent before mid-October.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Hail Metal! Hail Death!